When you close your eyes, you see it clearly: a stained-glass lamp casting a warm glow on the wood and leather armchair, or the Greene and Greene-style sideboard to complement your dining room.

Your selection of artwork, personal artifacts, custom lighting and furniture complement each other, show your personal touch, and showcase the time-tested beauty of Greene and Greene-style furnishings, lighting, metalwork, glasswork and other architectural elements.

Now, open your eyes. What’s needed? Quarter-sawn oak cabinets? Leaded-glass lighting fixture? Andirons for your fireplace? Streamline Modern knows how to help you achieve a complete Greene and Greene-style design for your home’s custom lighting and furniture.

How your furniture becomes your home!

Once you have the vision, you need specific pieces to complete the look. We are not held to an industrialized step-by-step process that results in the same piece every time. Our artisans create one-of-a-kind furniture by hand, one piece at a time. The process isn’t complete when your new lighting or furniture is built. Fine-tuning any details to make it just right.

For architects and interior designers

We’ll work with architects and interior designers who are looking to create just the right piece to match their exact specifications. We are experienced in working with high-profile clients and welcomes one-off requests. Our extensive experience will result in a smooth process for you and a truly beautiful piece for your clients.

Email Dan

He’ll start designing your custom Arts and Crafts and Greene and Greene-style lighting and furniture to create beautiful objects for your home.


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