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Fantasy Custom Theater Design

If your home is your sanctuary, your entertainment is largely based on broadcast TV, sports, movies and forms of visual entertainment. Doesn’t it make sense to enjoy the room where you spend the most time? Today’s theaters not only offer the most state-of-the-art electronics and acoustics, they also offer the ability to enjoy the experience in pure luxury.  Streamline Modern can create a theater room with accents and accessories to fit your lifestyle and tastes. A theme can be carried out with a variety of accents: entry doors, lighting, seating, art and much more. We can create a fantasy home theater with any style chosen. Please contact us with your specific needs. Below are just a few sample accent items to review; however, anything is possible.

Theater doors, that are in their original condition, are art deco, with inserts based on Powhatan Chicago. The next picture shows large lighted wall partitions, with matching design. Various finishes are available. Create this theme or a custom theme of your choice. 

Combine sconces, matching clock (shown), custom speaker grills, along with theater seating, acoustic ceiling and other accents and you have a dramatic home theater environment.

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