Relief, is a sculptural technique. To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background.  What is actually performed when a relief is cut in from a flat surface of stone (relief sculpture) or wood (relief carving) is a lowering of the field, leaving the unsculpted parts seemingly raised. In other materials such as metal, clay, plaster, fiberglass,  monumental bronze reliefs are made by casting.

There are different degrees of relief depending on the degree of projection of the sculpted form from the field, for which the Italian appellations are still sometimes used. The full range includes high relief, where more than 50% of the depth is shown and there may be undercut areas, mid-relief, low-relief, or French: bas-relief), and shallow-relief, where the plane is scarcely more than scratched in order to remove background material. T

Reliefs are common throughout the world on the walls of buildings and a variety of smaller settings, and a sequence of several panels or sections of relief may represent an extended narrative. Relief is more suitable for depicting complicated subjects with many figures and very active poses, such as battles, than free-standing "sculpture in the round". Most ancient architectural reliefs were originally painted, which helped to define forms in low relief.

Streamline Modern has a variety of relief panels we can produce from custom designs already created or from a design of a clients choosing.

Decorative panels have primarily been done as an art deco style but any theme can be created to match a home movie theater, executive office, game room, bonus room, man cave or any other theme room of your choosing.

Below are some samples of relief panels to provide a broad range of examples. To learn more about decorative panels and how we can incorporate it with other products please contact us today.

Streamline Modern can create custom relief panels and more, you provide the direction of what you want, we’ll create the inspiration.

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