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Architectural Embellishments

Custom Decorative Tile and Architectural Embellishments

Streamline Modern is proud to offer the finest expert artisans within our list of extensive services to create custom decorative tile as well as architectural embellishment.

Custom decorative tile and architectural embellishment provides a dramatic element  both for interior and exterior applications.   The majority of samples we demonstrate here is in the art deco style but make no mistake about it we can provide any design concept from traditional to western to contemporary to conservative. Let us have an opportunity to demonstrate what our artisans can do for you. Below are some samples both of tile and of architectural embellishments and installations.

Interior Tile and Custom Tile

See how our artisan partner takes a  custom project from design to production to final tile.

We were asked to create large tile motifs for the exterior of a residence in the Los Angeles area; the clients wanted to take the appearance of their Deco-era home from its current mix of basic Streamline and Spanish styles to a purely Art Deco aesthetic.

After going through a few rounds of designs, a Deco flora and fauna motif was selected, to be produced in two aspect ratios: a rectangular set and a subset of that motif in a square version. As eight total sets were going to be needed, master designs had to be created, then each tile molded in plaster so that multiples could be made.

A portion of one of the interim pencil sketches that lead to the final design.

The final design was created in Adobe Illustrator, printed out, then traced onto a large slab of smooth clay.

The final "master" design, to be
sectioned into smaller pieces that
will become individual tile masters.

Individual tiles from the main design are cut out to be used as masters for the mold-making process.

An air-release mold of the upper border tiles for the rectangular motifs. This type of mold is used for higher volume production.

Some of the upper border tiles just after pressing.

One of the rectangular sets, partially dry. At this stage, the tiles are checked for fit.

Some of the fully dried tiles, shown as they are placed into the kiln.

A special aluminum-flaked coating was used in lieu of glaze to achieve a metallic finish.

A black patina was applied to bring out the details of each tile and to further enhance the metallic look.

Two of the finished sets, prior to
packing and delivery.

Tile installed prior to stucco color
coat application.

Going through a similar process from design to completion, a small kitchen backsplash is created for clients in Florida. However, as this project did not require multiple tile sets, no molds were made.

After creating the clay slab at a specific size and thickness, the design is transferred onto the surface.

The entire design is rough carved, determining the high and low areas of relief.

All details are carved, formed and smoothed, except those in the deepest background areas.

The background patterns are added...

…Then carved to a certain stage.

The last step consists of lighter carving and smoothing to finish the design.

The completed, full motif.

Individual tiles are created by sectioning the slab into a predetermined number of pieces.

As the tiles dry they are checked for fit, since concave surfaces get smaller; these areas are sanded slightly to allow the tiles to nest correctly. Once completely dry, they are ready for firing.

Tiles in the kiln resting on a material called grog. This acts like ball bearings, allowing the tiles to shrink without friction as they are fired.

The finished tile set, with its unique glaze application that further highlights the relief.